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Spray for car headlight repair

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Restore the condition of the car's headlights and increase your safety while driving at night with the new car headlight repair fluid. Easily removes even scratches, helping to restore good appearance.

The product allows you to solve the problem yourself, without having to visit a workshop and pay for expensive repairs.


  • Hydrophobic glass coating
    It acts as a barrier on the surface of the projector, protecting it from aging, fading, atmospheric corrosion and sunlight, rain, dust, etc.

  • Easy and fast solution
    It completely removes the blur from the glass of your headlights and easily restores the light intensity, while providing you with long-term protection from ultraviolet radiation.

  • Improves the overall situation
    Significantly restores the appearance and aesthetics of the vehicle. Increases the value by removing the yellowish and cloudy oxidation of the car's headlights.

  • Extremely easy to use


  • Capacity: 10ml, 30ml, 50ml

  • Weight: 20g, 40g, 60g

  • Size: 2.5* 5.8CM/ 1* 2.3in, 3* 7.5CM/ 1.2* 3in, 3.1* 9CM/ 1.2* 3.5in

  • Packet: 1* Spray for car headlight repair, 1* sponge, 1* towel