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Multifunctional Nursing Assistant Pillow

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Your baby will be feeding a lot in those first few months-some times up to 10 times a day- and the feeds can take up to an hour each. You'll be sitting down, nursing a little one. for most of the day, so it needs to be comfortable. Our Premium Nursing Assistant Pillow will help you nursing your baby better and prevent baby inhaled milk.


  • Adjustable -Our pillow's adjustable layers ensure that your baby is always at the right height for your breast, or in th ecorrect positionto be fed a bottle, so your shoulders don't do the work. Your back is supported, then your shoulder and neck can relax.
  • Comapct and Portable- Compact design that is completely portable meaning you are able to achieve a comfortable feeding position every time nomatter where you are.
  • Great for new Mom- Great for recovery from a C-section avoiding strain in the abdominal region.
  • Assist with latching issues by supporting baby's head where required.
  • Great for tummy time (under spervision) and also to prop your baby up as they gets older.
  • Supports upright nursing positions for little ones.
  • Supports a variety of nursing positions including cross-cradle or football positions
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning of any pillow


  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: 58*28cm
  • Colors: Blue, Pink, Grey

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