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Mini Palm-sized Worktop Vacuum Cleaner

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Mini Palm-sized Worktop Vacuum Cleaner

The dust collector is very cheap and practical. You can clean with the tool at home. It is environmentally friendly and durable. The design of the device is fashionable and very pleasing.


  • MINI PALM-SIZED: Great little hand-held; perfect for all those little messes around your home; lightweight and portable; a good assiatant to catch those invisible allergens.

  • EASY TO USE:  You can just pass it over any small mess, like you would if you were wiping down with a sponge, with the powerful item, picking up crumbs and other debris as you go! 

  • POWERFUL & EFFICIENT: Though a cute and small size, the cleaner has a powerful motor and well-designed bristles, which could grab debris and crumbs quickly and easily.

  • UNIVERSAL ADAPTATION: It doesn’t matter if you’re in your kitchen, living room, home office or even cleaning your car. It’s always there ready to help!


  • Weight: 120g
  • Size: 10CM * 12CM * 18CM
  • Engine: Powerful 8000 rpm micro vortex motor
  • Material: ABS


  • Do not use on wet or moist surfaces & messes. This may damage the motor and electrical components.
  • Maximum particle size the cleaner can handle is approximately 6 mm diameter. Particles larger than this may clog the opening or bind the motor and damage the unit.
  • To avoid risk of injury, keep fingers and other body parts clear from the opening on base cover of unit when in use.
  • Never operate unit without the base cover and filter properly installed. 


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