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【Summer Hot Sale】 Magnetic Alignment Lintel Knives

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Get an accurate measurement of camber and caster on wheel hubs or brake discs at any time!


  • For  measuring camber and caster on the wheel hub or brake disc  . Suitable for precise control of the caster and camber angle.

  • Magnetic measuring device is attached to the hub or disc brake. It is used to  return the camber to its new position  after replacing a suspension part such as a strut that has disturbed the camber angle.
  • Allows you to set to the correct wheel alignment  and uniform tire wear  maintain  .

  • Allows you to return the shock absorber to the  new camber position after disassembling  and reassembling the suspension ,  or to check the camber change before reinstalling it.


  • Size: approx. 4.9" x 2.0" (L*D)


  • Remove the four-wheel positioning sensor (fixture) then the tire;

  • Carefully place the magnetic gauge tool on the side of the brake wheel;

  • Adjust the gauge tool to zero;

  • Install the required positioning special parts;

  • With the help of magnetic gauge tool's degree findings you adjust the positioning parts to the required measurement angle;

  • If there is a little deviation when you re-test with the positioning tool, just fine-tune at the bottom of the car. (Generally a little deviation does not cause positioning failure).


  • 1 x Magnetic Alignment Camber Gauge