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Innovative Diy Glass Bottle Cutter

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Upgrade glass bottles with this tool!

The innovative DIY glass bottle cutter should increase the success rate of perfect cuts for glass bottles. You can now recycle the glass bottles and create a functional piece of art!


  • Adjustable width and length - The adjustable hole design allows you to cut into glass bottles both from above and from below. Suitable for all beer / wine / drinking glass round bottles.
  • Cut your own style bottles - directional adjustable blades can make your own style bottles. The strong blades characterize the bottle well for smooth edges.
  • Stability and durability - increase friction and stability. Made of high quality metal, light, yet handy and robust. Easy to hold and clean.
  • Easy to use - just put your bottle on the cutter. Turn the bottle constantly at moderate pressure and heat the notches over warm water.
  • Economical and environmentally friendly - with your creative recycling ideas and handmade practices, you will decorate your exclusive beautiful life and help make your contribution to environmental protection. Prepare your glass bottles and create your own artwork.

How to use

1) Set the bottle cutter and put the bottle on it.
2) Turn the bottle once with constant moderate pressure. A cut line appears on the bottle.
3) Alternately place the cutting line over warm water and cold water three times or more until the bottle breaks along the cutting line.
4) Smooth the cut line on the sandpaper.


Material: acrylic and stainless steel
Size: 22.5 * 15.8 * 8.5 cm
Weight: about 300g

Package includes:

1 x DIY glass bottle cutter