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Hirundo Stainless Steel Chef Basket

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Hirundo Chef Basket is A MUST HAVE in your kitchen!

  • Now, cooking is no longer a strenuous task for anyone with the Hirundo Chef Basket. This unique kitchen tool provides solution for anyone to enjoy cooking more. Moreover, it allows easier food preparation, less instances of burns and convenient cleanup and storage.
  • Integrating different kitchen tools is what makes Hirundo basket device unique.This basket combines the use of a steamer, deep frying pan and colander. It can also easily drains water when you place vegetables inside the basket.
  • Unlike ordinary colander or steamer, the Chef Basket includes handles that balances the basket. Flip the handles to form a colander. When you fry, blanch or steam on the basket, the handles stay outside the pot hence remaining cool to touch once cooking is done.
  • Include the Hirundo Chef Basket in your kitchen and find out how efficient it is to use one unique kitchen tool for different kitchen needs.

Hirundo Stainless Steel Chef Basket for French Fries & Fruits 
The versatility of cooking makes it not only an imperative task but also an exciting hobby. Many people are actually fond of cooking different meals, from frying their favorite chicken to creating various kinds of pasta.
A multi-functional kitchen cooking tool. 
Just place the chicken meat on the basket and place it on top of the pot filled with hot oil. After several minutes, you can easily remove the basket as the handles stay cool to touch. It also drains the excess oil since it can be used as a colander. Best of all, you need not transfer the fried chicken from one kitchen utensil to the other.
Safe to use and easy to clean 
Adopted to micro-point welding and seamless welding technology, no welding injury, no edges, no shedding, avoid hurting your hands. Just use water and detergent to clean, and then dry it with towels. 

Package Includes:

1 X Novis Stainless Steel Chef Basket