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Hirundo Mini Electronics Bluetooth Earphone Wireless

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  • Integrated microphone--Has an integrated microphone for use with some cell phones or audio players with a recorder function.
  • Call connect/disconnect control--This allows you to answer or disconnect from a phone call with some cell phones.
  • Integrated volume control--This allows you to adjust the volume without having to dig into your pocket or purse for a player.
  • Integrated function control--This allows you to control some player functions (for example: play, pause, track skip) via a control without having to dig into a pocket or purse for a player.
  • Warranty: parts, labor--Warranty (parts/labor, mo.) indicates the length of the manufacturer's warranty for parts and labor, in months.
  • Additional features--Additional features for this model.
2.4 GHz transmission frequency, Bluetooth wireless, around 30 ft. operating operating range. Operates up to 3.5 hrs. on built-in rechargeable batteries with a charge time of 1.5 hrs. 15 minute partial charge will power earphones for up to 1 hr. Has headset power indicator, headset auto power off function, low battery indicator, and battery recharge indicator. Charging/carrying case has built-in rechargeable battery that the manufacture claims can be used to recharge the earphone batteries approximately 2 times ( to add an additional 7 hrs. of playtime) between its own charges. Has 3 switchable EQ modes. Has power on/off, Bluetooth connect/disconnect, and battery status voice announcements. Supports Siri and Google Assistant voice commands when used with devices products that have those features. Manufacturer claims water resistance. Bluetooth connected Apple mobile devices using IOS Version 5 and above will show the battery level. Free JLab app for Apple and Android mobile devices provides an audio burn-in sequence but requires an email address to access the file; otherwise seems to be a shopping portal for other JLab products.

Package Includes:

1 x Hirundo Bluetooth Wireless Earphone