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Hide and Seek Runaway Alarm Clock

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Do you often turn off your clock and then oversleep? Feel chagrined when you fail to get up on time? Our Hide and Seek Runaway Alarm Clock will be the perfect solution for you! Hide and Seek Runaway Alarm Clock is perfect for anyone who has trouble waking up in the morning or just needs a little (or a lot) of help getting out of bed.

Product Features:

  • Run Away Automatically: Hide and Seek Runaway Alarm Clock is the fun and crazy alarm clock with wheels. He jumps from a 3-foot high nightstand, and then off he run in different directions every day, bumping into objects, changing direction again, and beeping until you wake up, get out of bed and turn him off. Works on carpet or wood!
  • Customize Your Snooze Time: You can set your own snooze time and control how long your snooze lasts. The next time you hit snooze, Hide and Seek Runaway Alarm Clock will roll into action. Don't want to snooze at all? You can disable the snooze completely and when your alarm goes off, Clock will waste no time leaping into action forcing you to get up and out of bed.
  • Loud Alarm for Deepest Sleepers: Clock's fun and unique alarm is extra loud. The beeping R2D2-like robotic sound is hard to miss and impossible to sleep through. Hide and Seek Runaway Alarm Clock can even wake up the Deepest sleepers.

How to Use:

  1. Put four Triple-A batteries in the clock
  2. Set time: Press "t" button and the screen flashes. Press "h" and "m" to set time.
  3. Set alarm time: Press the wheel button first. Then press "a" and the screen flashes. Press "h" and "m" to set alarm time.
  4. Set snooze time: After setting alarm time, press "a" twice to set snooze time.


  • Color: black, yellow, pink
  • Weight: 350g

Package Includes:

1 x Hide and Seek Runaway Alarm Clock