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Elastic No Tie Quick Shoelaces

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👟Elastic No Tie Quick Shoelaces👟


  • DESIGN FOR COMFORT AND BETTER LIFESTYLE: We apply premium polyester material with precise woven cut and combined flat and elastic design for our shoelaces, offering you superb elastic performance, reducing discomfort and pressure points on the surface of your feet to keep them comfortable throughout the day.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL FOR EASY CUSTOMIZE: Full length is 100 cm. This new designed no tie shoelaces is universally applicable. Perfect fit your sneakers, running shoes, sports shoes and any other types of shoes and sneakers. Never tie shoelaces when you are walking, running, cycling, hiking, and activities of any kind.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL AGES AND GENDER: Everyone can enjoy the comfort of this no tie shoelaces from kids to adults, and to seniors. Parents will never have to worry about kids’ shoelaces being untied again. Our no tie shoelaces make tying shoes easier and faster. Spending long minutes to tie and fix your shoe is all solved with our shoelaces. Also, our no tie shoelaces is an excellent choice for sensitive feet because of it comfort design feature.
  • STYLE WITH A UNIQUE FASHION LOOK FOR YOUR SHOES: The magic of these no tie shoelaces is that they will give your shoes old or new, a brand-new look! It will make your shoe look cleaner and neater without any messy string hanging.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY SHOES AND SNEAKERS IN ALL SIZES: Our no tie shoelace is suitable for every shoe in all sizes especially for Converse shoes. It can easily be installed on running shoes, climbing shoes, hiking boots, sneakers, oxfords and many more.


How to install our shoelaces: 

  • Tighten the screws on one or two sides of your shoes’ (top holes) to lock the shoelaces. Make sure it's very tight.
  • Start from top to bottom and lead the nylon shoelaces through the holes with the pattern you like.
  • Adjust to your preferred tightness, then cut the extra length, tie a knot (2 knots max) and tug it inside.
  • Hang the round part of the shoelaces to the round metal bolt and enjoy!



  • Material: Polyester

  • Color: Red, Blue, Pink, Black, White, Gray, Yellow, Green
  • Length: 100cm
  • Width: 7mm


Package Includes:

  • 2 Pairs of Elastic No Tie Quick Shoelaces (With metal ring hooks)
  • 4 × Nails
  • 4 × Buttons