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Eco-Aquarium Water Purifier Cube

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🌈This water purifier cube releases you

from changing water again and again.

An unclean aquarium is harmful to the life of your pet fish, but Changing cloudy aquarium water can be troublesome...

Maintain the sanitation of your water pet’s habitat with the help of this Eco-Aquarium Water Purifier Cube, and fish can swim in water as clear as glass.



  • Efficient adsorption of hazardous substances

  • Efficient adsorption of residual drugs in aquarium

  • Deodorization, Removing stinky smell, Removing odor

  • Air becomes fresher after removing odor.


🌽How it works:

  • HONEYCOMBED STRUCTURE to enlarge contact area efficiently

  • Higher the lodine value, better the adsorb effect.

  • Recyclable to have long usage.


🍓How to use:

  • Right placement of purifier cubeplace the filter holes in the direction of water flow. 

  • Easy to use after quick washing100% Safe & Reusable, just wash it with warm water, and then you can put it back in the tank again.

  • Consumption guide - the amount is the ideal consumption to reach air cylinder level, and you can increase or reduce the amount as appropriate according to actual needs.



  • Material: activated Carbon

  • Color: black

  • Size: 10*10*10 cm

  • Package: 1 pc. Eco-Aquarium Water Purifier Cube