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Cordless Mini Weed Trimmer

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🌿Polish your lawn with this light and agile Cordless Mini Weed Trimmer! The lightweight handheld design means you can work longer and more precisely with less effort than with heavier models. It also comes with an extendable rod that will give you a farther reach. 


  • Great for cutting near fences, around tree trunks and bushes, and even near flowers and edible plants, removing only the grass you want without damaging any other plant life or property around your yard
  • Extendable, helps you access hard-to-reach spots
  • Cordless design so you don't have to deal with messy wires
  • Safe, efficient, and convenient
  • Made from ABS Plastic and Nylon
  • Requires 6 X AA batteries (not included)


 Size: 37.5*10.5*6cm
Weight: 460g

Package Includes: 1 × Weed Trimmer🌲