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Christmas Party Balloons with LED String Light

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90% of customers bought more than 6 to achieve the best decorative effect!

Imagine your birthday or wedding being illuminated with these beautiful LED balloons in the evening. What a wonderful atmosphere this would create and how surprised your guests would look.

The perfect decoration for birthdays, weddings 🎉 or just for home!

We recommend especially for weddings and birthday parties bouquets of at least 6 balloons. So the LED balloons look even more beautiful, as you can see in the pictures above.

It looks especially impressive with 7 balloons per bouquet. This is, for example, beautiful for a marriage proposal or if you want to make someone very special a gift.

You can combine all the colors together. The discounts are available on all color combinations in your order. 

Christmas Party Bobo Balloons with LED String Light

The LED balloons are also perfect for larger events, such as city festivals or concerts.

These balloons are made of high-quality natural latex, which is non-toxic, transparent, beautiful and durable.

✅ Reusable LED balloon and its holder
✅ Perfect for any occasion such as weddings, celebrations or birthdays
✅ Material: natural latex
✅ Size: 18 or 24 inch


  • 1 set of Party Balloon, as the picture shows