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Brick Liner Clamps Runner

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😍The quick and simple way to run a line!👍

The unique brick clamps provide a fast, easy and convenient way for brick layers to run lines and allow for work where alternative options can't perform.

The spring loaded jaws provide a sturdy clamping solution resulting in no dropped corner blocks for time saving and hassle free work. Simply fix the clamps, run the line and lay your course.


    • It is a practical tool for builders and bricklayers, which provides the ultimate quick and simple way to run a brick line.
    • Featuring spring-loaded jaws that securely clamp over bricks it provides a fast, easy and convenient way for bricklayers to run accurate brick lines and allows for work where alternative options.
    • Set the lineup slack and clamp off tight - Fits securely over bricks with rubber pads that grip tightly to the brick surface, meaning there is no requirement to maintain perfect tension when setting up the line. 
    • This allows for multiple walls to be worked on simultaneously enabling bricklayers and builders to maximize their time.
    • It is durable with the strength required to withstand the conditions of a building site.


    • Color: Red
    • Shipping Weight: 6.4 ounces
    • Package Included: 2 PCS * Brick Liner Clamps Runner


    • 1 set :1 pair of  Brick Liner Clamps Runner(Just £19.99!🤩)
    • 2 sets:  2 pairs of  Brick Liner Clamps Runner (Save £4.99!😍)
    • 3 sets:  3 pairs of  Brick Liner Clamps Runner (Save £10.99!😍)