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Adjustable Shower Head Holder

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Do you hate that drill your wall or tile to install a shower holder?Do you want to hold your shower head anywhere? bath tub? shower cubicle?Can't your kids get the shower by themselves?Now, here is the answer.Our suction cup shower holder adopt advanced vacuum adsorption technology,provide super strong suction,so that you can place the desired height as you like by relocating the shower head.Constructed by engineering grade plastic (ABS),chrome finish.3 ounce only but can hold up to 7 pounds.The suction cup shower holder come with a stick disc,make sure that you can hold it at a little rough pisition.


  • Easy to Install:Clean Paste Metope (Suitable for Metal surface,Smooth glass,Smooth wood,Smooth tiles and so on), Clockwise Tighten. Those non-smooth surfaces such as rough wood,emulsioni paint,textured tile, we provide the Adhesive Stick Discs(provided), just use it first to overcome them.
  • Angle Adjustable- Adjust on 4 Positions:Place the desired height as you like by relocating the showerhead (Opening Fit 3/4" US handheld shower/sprayer). Notice: (Please confirm the size of your hand shower before purchase)
  • Suction Cup Benefit- No drilling:no nailing* Easy to remove and relocate capacity* High or low position,inside or outside of bathtub for kids, they can finally get the shower by themselves. For the wife and parents, they can make shower time more enjoyable.
  • Main Material- ABS plastic material and Modern clear designed. Light-weight and heavy duty engineering grade plastic.
  • Product Parameters- Vacuum lock, 4-Angle Adjustable, ABS Engineering Plastic,Item Weight 3 oz.,Measures 2.8-inch L x 2.8-inch W x 2.8-inch H Chrome finish.


  1. Clean Paste Metope, when install or reinstall,ensure the surface must be flat,smooth and no concave and convex surface,such as ceramic tile,glass,smooth wood,smooth metal surface,etc.
  2. Press the shower holder,push out the air.
  3. Clockwise Tighten

     The others non-smooth surface please use adhesive dics first


  • Please counterclockwise release when need to remove.
  • It can bear 7 pounds maximum weight because of the strong adsoption.
  • Because of the force of people's torsion, it may more than 7 pounds that will lead to holder off.
  • You'd better press the holder first,when adjust the shower angle.


  • Adjustable Shower Head Holder.