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3D Simulation Cute Creative Car Stickers

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🚗3D Simulation Cute Creative Car Stickers

🐱🐶Put your car cute and smartly decorated.💝


  • 3D Realistic 
  • If there are cracks in your car, you can cleverly block them with car stickers to save you the expensive cost of car paint, and it is very realistic, adding a lovely atmosphere to your car.
  • Multipurpose
  • It can block cracks and can also be used as decoration. And not only can be used in the car, any furniture, such as refrigerators, luggage, etc., or where you want to stick stickers can be used.

  • Cute & Funny
  • Cats and puppies are fashionable and interesting. And there are 6 kittens to choose from, you can definitely buy your favorite sticker style.

✨✨Usage Methods

  1. Wipe the position of the car sticker clean with water spray to get wet.
  2. Tear the bottom of the protective car, gently stick it, and smooth it.
  3. Avoid immersion in car wash rainwater within 48 hours after affixing.


  • Material: Sticker
  • Weight: 20g
  • Style:Dog / Cat 1-6

Package includes:

  • 1* 3D Simulation Cute Creative Car Stickers