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24 In 1 Multi-Function Portable Key Tool

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Our product is a solid chunk of 420 Stainless Steel featuring over 16 tool functions that each provide multiple uses. Its durability and ultra compact design allow it to be an easy companion for your every day carry.

The tool has more than 16 features, and here are a few of them
  • SPECS - This tool is made by Metal Injection Molding (MIM) in 420 Stainless Steel, heat treated to H900 and glass bead blasted for an even cosmetic finish. Both the material and injection process were selected to ensure that it could withstand a lifetime of use.

  • Bike Spoke Key - Our product features a 3.2/3.3mm (0.127 inch) standard open spoke wrench that easily fits in between bike wheel spokes to rotate the spoke nipple. When riding on the trail, you’re equipped when you need it.

  • Bit Driver - It is equipped with a standard ¼ inch hex pocket that will fit any desired bit. The pocket allows the user to apply high force while rotating the bit.

  • Can Opener - It has the ability to open a standard metal paint can in multiple sizes. The geometry of the tip is designed to properly fit under the lid lip to pry the can open.

  • File - It has a linear edge file that can be used to file just about anything. It can file wood, metal, plastic, you name it. The file can smooth any edge in a pinch.

This disruptive multi-function tool key has an over 16+ versatile universal gadget functions. Made of premium grade non-tarnish non-fading 420 stainless steel, this tool key is ultra durable and lightweight. Small enough to fit into a slot on your wallet. O you can this on a lanyard and wear it around your neck like a necklace.

Important featured usage in accordance with TSA standards:

  1. As an open strip wrench
  2. As a special tool to curve, cut or strip metal wire and metal strips
  3. As a trowel and bottle opener
  4. As a measuring tool and screwdriver
  • Length x Width: 2.75 x 1.18" (7 x 3 cm)
  • Item Weight: 45g
  • Processed and finished with 304 special treatment for stainless steel
  • Specially packaged in opp bags

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