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100% Fresh DIY Manual Portable Citrus Juicer

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It's summer ! What better than to taste an excellent fruit juice, fresh and filled with vitamins!

This juicer extractor allows you to make fruit juice with simplicity and exceptional speed!

Much more practical than traditional citrus juicers, it also extracts fruit juice such as apples, tomatoes, kiwis, grapes, watermelons ... and many others.

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  • Powerful: ergonomic design, ABS food grade material, high juice rate
  • 12-pin attachment position: better fixation of fruits, ensuring that the fruit is firmly in the screw cap
  • Six-Blade Fixed Hollow: six-point fixed hollows with medium split design, deeper fixed pulp
  • Thickened cup material: humanized design, thickened material for juice cup, anti-wear and durable
  • Trapezoidal Internal Circular Filter Hole: All-round filter hole design ensures smooth juice filtration

Be creative and try all sorts of delicious mixtures, it only takes a few seconds! The product is ideal to give a fun activity to your children!  🎁🎁