USB Mini Shaver

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  • Better shave

    15-blade sharp stainless steel turbo blades, professionally make hard beards, 0.1mm thin stainless steel foil, double ring 3D knife nets, increase shaving volume, floating arc surface is smooth and sticks to the skin, removes hair roots.

  • Precise and painless shaving

    The motor speed is up to 6600rpm, twice that of ordinary electric shavers, making shaving accurate and safe. Even at low power, the motor speed can be stable, effectively preventing beards from getting stuck in the shaver, and achieving painless shaving.

  • Wide range of uses

    Shaving, removing leg hair, underarm hair, chest hair, etc. Can be done on one machine, just need a mini portable electric shaver at home to take care of both men and women.

  • Waterproof and low noise

    IPX7 waterproof, supports full body washing. Immersive waterproof performance, no need to worry about bacteria residue, wet and dry, disinfection and hygiene. Micro-vibration bass motor, continuous power, fast speed, low noise.

  • Mini portable

    The USB mini shaver is only the size of a palm and can be carried in a pocket. It is suitable for travel, business trips and camping. It is also suitable for being in a hurry and putting it in your pocket at any time.

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Multifunctional USB Mini Shaver

The men's electric razor adopts a six-blade sharp blade, which is rustproof and wear-resistant and will not snag on the beard. Honeycomb blade design, 360° detection beard, increase the shaving area, fit the skin, shave smoother and effectively remove hair. Seiko electroplating, honeycomb knife net, Seiko quality, the details can stand the test of time.

  • High Quality Material

    Portable electric razor cutting head is made of 6-blade steel blade, which is designed with self-grinding. The more you use it, the sharper it is. The whole body is made of electroplating material, which is fashionable and durable.

  • Fashion Items

    Ergonomically designed with graceful curves and a comfortable finish. Streamers light and shade, art avant-garde, beautiful essential products, fashionable pieces can be shaved at any time to remain beautiful.

  • Fast Charging

    30 minutes fast charging, can be used for more than 6 hours, 60 days long. Use the USB interface, easy to charge, computers, laptops, mobile power, etc. It can be charged. It can also be used while charging without waiting.

  • Easy To Use

    Electric shaver uses one button, which is simple in function and easy to operate. It supports both dry and wet, and the cutting head can be disassembled for cleaning. It supports USB charging, which is very convenient.

  • Ideal Gifts For Men

    The mini razor is small so you can easily put it in your jeans pocket and carry it with you. Aluminum alloy body, durable and comfortable. It is a high quality gift for boyfriend, husband, father and relatives. Ideal gift for Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving and more.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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I absolutely love it!! How many gentles have unwanted hair and have tried everything to make it go away without leaving redness, ingrown hairs, other unsightly reactions? This little guy is amazing very quite, no pain at all, and my body has had no reaction to it.

Tommy J.

I wanted a pocket size shaver for traveling and this is the one I am looking for. It is changed in an hour and will last for 8 to 10 uses. The power of it really impresses me and I felt it is definitely my No. 1 buy this year.

Carl F.

Good value for money and lots of added extras that you wouldnt normally get. Shaves well and close, pulled a few times. Looks good, USB charger is handy for travel. Easy to clean. All in all a pretty good little kit for a good price.

Jonny M.

*If they're still in stock

30 Day Money Back Guarantee