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The Math Roller Stamp Is The Perfect Learning Toy For Your Toddlers.

  • This stamp is small and delicate

  • Increase children's interest in learning

  • Easy to operate and can be adjusted

  • You can add it as needed, no need to manually create questions

  • Perfect to use as a gift for child

  • Suitable for student practice, parent guidance, teacher teaching

Smart Math Roller Stamps For Math Problems


  • Good Quality

    Photosensitive process, clear stamping. Print thousands of impressions without losing the original quality. Strong ABS plastic components and housing.

  • Math Skill Development

    Rotate and adjust the column type, can adjust 10 different queue methods. Satisfy all addition/subtraction numbers from 1-100. Develop children's logical calculation ability.

  • Learning Gift

    This is a great gift, when children need to practice math problems, parents can quickly prepare them for them, and children can also prepare for each other and learn together.

  • Rotation Adjustable Stamp

    The digital stamp can change different numbers, form math problems, and scroll smoothly. It supports efficient and fast printing of all addition/subtraction math problems, and develops children's logical calculation ability.

  • Combination of Interest and Learning

    Arithmetic is no longer troublesome, you can practice anytime, anywhere, practice makes perfect, the combination of interest and learning can improve your logical computing ability.

Suitable For Students To Practice, Parent Guidance, Teacher Teaching

Why Does Everyone Choose It?


(Addition) Blue

(Subtraction) Pink

(Multiplication) Blue

(Division) Pink

Printing Ink Black 5ML

(Subtraction) Pink+(Addition) Blue

(Multiplication) Blue+(Division) Pink

1 Set(4pcs)

4 pcs+Printing Ink

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These are cute and are fun to make math worksheets. The provided ink works well. Over all, really cute and fun for a learning tool.

Tommy J. Home Improvement Enthusiast from Portland, Maine

We usually print out forms from the internet for math practice, but this has allowed our daughter to "print" her own. Very convenient. And the quality is also very good.

Carl F. Home Improvement Enthusiast from Portland, Maine

I didn’t expect much from this but it’s awesome. Can't wait to order the rest of the set. These come in handy for work books, love them!

Jonny M. Construction Foreman from Sequim, WA